A few Testimonials from students and colleagues

Michael is extremely proud to be able to present some of his past student testimonials. Many come from his LinkedIn page and some come from the Huddersfield University’s Student Union Thank You Awards.

“Michael is an extremely supportive, friendly and positive person and he really does care about his students. He was so supportive especially through my final year and when things became difficult. He was able to offer support and motivate me to push on…. his positive attitude really does start to rub off!

In my opinion Michael goes above and beyond what is expected of a Lecturer and I really believe that it was his help and support that I got through my final year achieving the grades I wished for.

A massive thank you Michael…. all your efforts really are appreciated!!”

Nick S ,
University of Huddersfield student, graduated 2016


“I had the pleasure of being taught by Michael for one of his modules at the University of Huddersfield. Michael is very friendly and passionate about the subject he teaches which reflects in his lectures. He was very supportive of me, even through assignments I personally struggled with. He was able to give me great feedback and keep me motivated.

Michael is excellent at communication. …. Thank you Michael for all your patience and help, I really do appreciate it.”

Adam A
University of Huddersfield student


“I have the pleasure of working with Michael at the University of Huddersfield where I am responsible for helping his students find year-long industrial placements. When I work with his students, they speak highly of his investment in their education. I find that when they talk with me about the careers advice he gives them, that he is spot on.

He works above and beyond the normal boundaries of his role as a lecturer. When I have an employer that needs a particular set of skills, he is able to refer me to specific students with those skills. When I am struggling to motivate students to apply for a role, he jumps in with both feet and emails students to prompt them. Such is the respect that the students have for Michael’s experience, he has an immediate impact on the number and quality of applications.

My association with Michael makes my role easier. I appreciate his support!”

Dan Everson
Placement Unit colleague, University of Huddersfield


“Michael is always a pleasure to be taught by. He is interesting, a great character, has a good rapport with students and definitely a reliable source of wisdom!”

Roshine B
University of Huddersfield, graduated 2014


“…. Michael is my first point of contact. He is an oriented and inspiring teacher with enormous amount of programming knowledge which he joyfully shares with his students.”

Jagmit K
University of Huddersfield, graduated 2013


“Michael actively champions the value of placements and the importance of employability skills. Michael works closely with our placement team to help engage and motivate students to apply for these exciting opportunities, his encouraging attitude and positive influence is a real pleasure to work with! Michael passionately supports his students in their placement goals, giving them the tools to help them achieve valuable industry experience.”

Fran Rimmer
Placement Unit colleague, University of Huddersfield


“Michael has a great knowledge of multimedia in marketing. Michael’s advice of social media development and social networking has been highly useful. His positive attitude motivates and supports students during their studies.”

Ruta Jocbalyte
University of Huddersfield, graduated 2015