Think Smart. Work Smart. Part 1 of Max Your Degree

Part 1 - Think Smart. Work Smart

Think Smart. Work Smart is the first in the Max Your Degree book series and offers invaluable information, practical advice and useful tips for those contemplating, embarking or already embroiled on their voyage through a university degree. The subject matter goes much further than the usual study-related topics and covers the multitude of challenges facing students in the twenty first century.

Think Smart. Work Smart is supported by complimentary downloads, which will help you get the most out of the content and to put into practice the strategies and changes suggested throughout. The book develops step-by-step ways of working smart and optimising resources across a range of topics such as: time management, self-care, goals, life-values, relationships, technology tips and independent living, in addition to academic skills.

You need to Think Smart. Work Smart to excel at a university degree!


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Part 2 - Healthy Body and Mind - coming soon

Healthy Body and Mind - the second in the Max Your Degree book series offers invaluable information, practical advice and useful tips for maintaining both a healthy body (food, drink, sleep and exercise) and mental health (well-being - emotional resilience, anxiety, depression, disillusionment).

The food and drink you put in you body can have a dramatic effect on your mood swings, critical reasoning powers and memory. Just the sort of thing that smart students should know to maximise their time at uni.  Exercise, calories, sugar, fats and caffeine - lots of common-sense advice for the practical student.

One in four adults have suffered mental health issues in their life. University is the ideal place to go off the rails, so you need to build up an emotional resilience to stay on track and fight off anxiety, depression and  and other negative thoughts and feelings.

This book is the ideal companion to put your health and well-being in to context with your studies. You need to maintain a Healthy Body and Mind to excel at a university degree!